18th April, 2014 – Pangs of longing.

stripy easter eggs for mum

Have made some stripy eggs from polystyrene – stripe mad mum would have liked these.

I had a horrible pang of longing for mum about five minutes ago. They come and go. That one really popped up whilst it wasn’t expected. Here I go again, half expecting her to come back. It really feels as though she was still alive only yesterday.

Cooked her favourite homemade cheese and onion pie for dinner later, to be followed by homemade ginger muffins.

It’s going to be a long Easter weekend…

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7 thoughts on “18th April, 2014 – Pangs of longing.

  1. It is so difficult Wendy, only yesterday I somehow imagined that Mum was out with Dad and I was half expecting her usual text “nearly home, put the kettle on . Luv u oxo.” Then it hits me again. :-( Sending hugs


  2. I understand this feeling…Good Friday was the night my father became the victim of the devastating accident which began the unbearable and painfully long 12 year road of suffering he was to endure as a forever changed (severely brain-injured and paralyzed) human being. And though Good Friday’s calendar date changes each year, the day still symbolizes the suffering, death, and resurrection of Christ which oddly or ultimately, gives me both deep sorrow and some hope too, that I might one day be able to re-join Dad and my Heavenly Father as well…it is always a solemn and sad time for me…each holiday, birthday, special occasion without my beloved Dad. I am no small child! I AM a daughter who misses her papa. It has been nearly 4 years since he passed from this world…I miss him as though it were yesterday at times…I will always miss him. I will be dreading another upcoming day in May…my birthday…then June, Father’s Day…you see? You will have many of those. I am sorry about that. I suppose if we didn’t love so much, we would grieve so much? But to have never loved would have been worse…Peace to you my friend. I am thinking of you and all of those who are grieving these similar losses..today and all days that are emptier due to their loss.


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